12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (2024)

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It’s a whole new era for today’s small camping trailers. These compact marvels aren’t your grandparent’s RVs. Small bumper-pull trailers of today offer a cozy home on wheels, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Whether you’re a solo adventurer seeking solitude or a couple longing for a tranquil escape, this list of the best small camping trailers of 2023 are the perfect solution.

In this article, we’ll explore how to find thebest small camping trailers that cates to your needs. You will learn about what to consider when choosing a trailer, how to determine your camping preferences, and how to stick within your RV shopping budget. Let’s dive into the details to help you discover the ideal camper for your outdoor adventures.


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Things to Consider When Choosing a Small Camping Trailer

When it comes to selecting a small camping trailer, several factors come into play. Understand these key aspects to narrow down your options. Once you have a grasp, it’s pretty easy to find a trailer that works for your camping style. Let’s get into the weeds:

Trailer Size and Weight

Begin by thinking about the size and weight of the trailer. It’s crucial to choose one that matches your vehicle’s towing capacity and still has enough interior space to keep you comfy. If you’re nervous about towing a travel trailer with your current car, consider that smaller trailers, like teardrops or pop-ups, are easier on your vehicle’s transmission. Larger campers provide more living space, but you may need to pay for a vehicle upgrade if you find that must-have travel trailer.

Small travel trailers can usually be towed with a light truck (Toyota Tacoma), a Jeep Wrangler, and/or a mid-sized SUV. In some cases, a crossover vehicle or even a 4-cylinder passenger small car can tow them.

Trailer Layout and Features

Do you know your camping style? Some camping fans prefer amenities like full-hookups. Others want to get as far from civilization as possible. Knowing how you want to live in the outdoors can help you identify the must-have travel trailer features that match your camping style. For some people that means buying a trailer with a well-equipped kitchenette. Other travel trailer owners only require a cozy sleeping area in their camper to be happy. And still some trailer owners must have slide-outs and foldable furniture to be comfortable. Before you review our best small travel trailers list below, first prioritize the RV features that align with your needs.

Reputation,Durability and Quality

Since your small camping trailer will serve as your home away from home, it’s crucial to choose one that is built to withstand the elements. Look for trailers made by reputable manufacturers known for their craftsmanship. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations can provide valuable insights. Consider the trailer’s insulation, construction, and overall build quality.

What’s Your Travel TrailerBudget?

Establish a realistic RV shopping budget for your small camping trailer. Remember, quality and additional features often come with a higher price tag. Striking the right balance between your budget and desired features in a small travel trailer is essential. Consider whether buying new or used fits your financial goals.

Top Picks for the Best Small Camping Trailers

Let’s explore our top picks for the best small camping trailers. These trailers have garnered praise from experienced campers for many reasons. They offer a blend of comfort, functionality, and style. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is around 5,000 pounds on most of them. And most are under 20-feet long.

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or a newbie to the RV living scene, these trailers are worthy of your consideration.

TOPO2 by Escapod

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (2)

The TOPO2 teardrop trailer by Escapod is a rugged yet cozy teardrop trailer designed for off-road adventures.

Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to tow, while the interior boasts clever design elements for a comfortable journey. Escapod recommends towing the TOPO2 with a Class III hitch, which is another way of identifying a hitch that has a 2” receiver, ~4,000-9,000 lbs max towing capacity, and ~350-800 lb max tongue weight. With its rugged exterior and thoughtful features, the TOPO2 is an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality.

nuCamp TAB 400

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (3)

The TAB 400 is the largest teardrop camper made by nuCamp. It’s ideal for towing with a small car, and when you need more space than the typical teardrop camper offers.

This modern and stylish teardrop trailer beautifully blends retro charm with contemporary features. Within its compact frame, you’ll find a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable sleeping area with a queen bed and hidden bunk bed that sleeps three or four people. Unlike most teardrop trailers, it also has a wet bath and tons of storage.

The nuCamp TAB 400’s meticulous attention to detail and eye-catching design make it a fantastic choice for RVers seeking both comfort and style.

Starting Price: $44,000

Winnebago HIKE

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (4)

Designed with rugged exploration in mind, the HIKE is a versatile and reliable companion that combines comfort, durability, and off-road capabilities.

Itfeatures a powder-coated steel chassis, fiberglass front cap, and aluminum sidewalls.Built to handle off-road adventures, the HIKE includes rugged tires, high ground clearance, and sturdy axle system that can take you off the beaten path and into remote destinations with ease.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (5)

This small travel trailer incorporates energy-efficient features with cutting-edge technology to help you make the most of off-grid camping. For example, it features LED lighting throughout the trailer to minimize energy consumption, extending battery life and lessen your carbon footprint. The HIKE is also equipped with solar-ready connections, allowing you to harness the power of the sun for off-grid adventures.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (6)

As of 2023, Winnebago is making the HIKE with five different floorplans. All are 15’11” long, have a GVWR of 4,200 pounds, and 31-gallon freshwater tank capacities.

Starting Price: $46,135

Jayco Jay Feather Micro

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (7)

The Jayco Jay Feather Micro is a lightweight small travel trailer that has a gross weight ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 lbs. This makes the Jay Feather Micro an ideal camper you can tow with a light truck, mid-sized SUV, and even certain crossover vehicles.

There are many standard features we think you’ll like.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (8)

The Micro is available in five-floor plans. All but the smallest (12SRK) have a bathroom.

The Jay Feather Micro includes residential-style kitchen countertops with a 3-burner cooktop. This floorplan also has a jackknife sofa and Jayco’s new patent-pending trays.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (9)

Optional packages add solar panel prep for off-grid camping and a 13,000 BTU air conditioning system.

The smallest which now seems to be dealer stock only is the 12SRK which weighs 1,585 lbs and is just over 13 feet in length.

The Jay Feather Micro is an excellent micro camper that is lightweight and does not shortchange you on comfort and features.

Starting Price: $20,663

Forest River R-Pod

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (10)

The Forest River R-Pod is another of the available small campers you should consider. It is available in 11 layout designs, the RP-203 is the heaviest with a dry weight of 5,169 lbs.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (11)

It is constructed on a powder-coated steel frame and comes equipped with a power tongue jack, self-adjusting electric brakes, and much more.

The interior has designer Carefree flooring, solid lumber core cabinet fronts, central vacuum, USB ports, LED lighting and it is solar panel prepped.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (12)

One feature we like that has been added is a dry bath in certain models as opposed to a wet bath which we don’t particularly like. It is solar-panel prepped for off-grid use and a backup camera prepped as well.

The smallest R-Pod camper in their lineup is the RP-153 with an exterior length of 17’6″ and an unloaded vehicle weight of 3,179 lbs.

Starting Price: $29,561

Happier Camper

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (13)

The Happier Camper HC1 is one of our favorite cool travel trailers. We love retro look but also appreciate its versatility.

For example, inside the all-fiberglass body, you’ll find the Adaptiv modular system. This feature easily lets you customize the interior layout of the small camper by using Adaptiv cube-shaped components. The Adaptiv components include a bench/bed, storage cubes, kitchenette, and many more. The sleeping space is suitable for 1 or 2 people only.

The HC1 is an all fiberglass travel trailer. Getting in and out of this small trailer is easy via the rear door.

As of 2023, Happier Camper offers two small camper trailer models. The HC1 is one option, and the HCT “Traveler” is the other. It has a longer footprint with more room for gear.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (14)

The HC1 was their first model. It has a 3,500 pounds GVWR rating and a length of 13′ and that includes the hitch.

Many cars and small SUVs have the towing capacity to tow either of the Happier Camper small travel trailers with bathrooms.

Starting Price: $34,450

Best Small Fiberglass Trailer for Camping

Casita Liberty Deluxe

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (15)

These Casita small trailers for camping are an all-fiberglass construction bumper pull camper. They’re available in 5-floor plans with each one having a standard and deluxe model.

The fiberglass shell is a two-piece marine-grade shell. There is a top and bottom half that are sealed together with fiberglass.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (16)

What’s great about this method of construction is the roof has no seams, which makes this camper virtually waterproof, durable, and, lightweight. The interior and exterior are both super easy to clean.

The frame is constructed of heavy-duty steel which improves underbody strength and helps in protecting the travel trailer from the road and rough terrain damage.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (17)

The Casita is available in 5-floor layout designs and each one has a standard version and a deluxe version. The major difference is the deluxe has a bathroom. It’s a wet bath which means the shower and toilet are in the same compartment.

We feel the Casita Liberty Deluxe is our favorite small camper from this RV manufacturer. It has a dry weight of 2,480 lbs and a length of 17 feet.

Starting Price: $32,694

Most Affordable Small Trailers for Camping

Sylvan Sport Go Camper Trailer

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (18)

The Sylvan Sport Go is described by its manufacturer as the “Swiss Army Knife” of small tent trailers. Not only that but National Geographic called the Go “Coolest Camper Ever”.

There are many things that make the Sylvan Go cool and one of them is the ability to use the camper as a utility trailer to haul stuff, which makes it rather unique among small campers.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (19)

When used for camping the interior is spacious and the bed is wide and long. Many buyers rave about customer service from Sylvan as well.

This is a very capable tent camper that is comfortable on the road or off-road. When it comes to storage space you won’t find much but what is available is very useful. Note that there is no air conditioner on this camper.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (20)

The towing capacity of many small SUVs is well within the range to tow this camper. The pop-up tent is easy to set up.

When it comes to small trailers, Tammy and I really like the Sylvan Go. It gives you the outdoor camping experience but is a lot more refined than just being in a tent. With the rack you can add bikes, kayak etx.

The Sylvan Sport Go is one of the smallest of the small trailers for camping that made our list. It can be towed with just about any vehicle. This cute pop-up camper has a weight of just 840 pounds and is about 80″ in length.

Starting Price: $10,995

Scamp Travel Trailers

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (21)

The popular Scamp small trailers for camping are made to order, fiberglass campers. The fiberglass shell is lightweight and very durable.

This is one of the easiest small trailers to tow with small cars, minivans, and SUVs. The round corners make it aerodynamic which in turn increases fuel efficiency.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (22)

Scamp trailers are available in 3 sizes, 13′, 16′, and 19′. Each size is available as a “Standard” or “Deluxe” model. The big difference between the two is the “Deluxe” has a bathroom. or other amenities.

The smallest travel trailer is the 13-foot length model and weighs about 2,000 pounds. Scamp does not list their camper GVWR. We suggest you research the right tow vehicle to haul the Scamp safely.

Starting Price: $15,590

Taxa Outdoors Cricket Camper

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (23)

The Taxa Outdoors Cricket small trailers for camping are both lightweight and rugged. It can be towed by vehicles with 4-cylinder engines.

The inside allows for two adults and two children to sleep comfortably.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (24)

Taxa Cricket has pop-up roofs up to provide optimized ventilation. The spacious interior has ample room for a full-bed. There is under-bed storage that converts into a dining table.

The kitchen features a large countertop, a sink, and a two-burner stove allowing you to easily prep your meal and cook.

There are 5 swing windows equipped with shades and screens and 5 mesh windows in the upper tent side that allow open views and cross ventilation from just about any angle.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (25)

Need a roof rack? No worries the Taxa has one if you need it.

With its NASA-inspired design, you’ll find the Taxa Outdoors Cricket is one very capable small camper trailer. If you plan on going off-road this camper can definitely handle that.

The Cricket is 15′ in length and has a GVWR of 2,700 lbs. Most cars can’t tow it however SUVs like the Nissan Pathfinder with a towing package can easily do so.

Starting Price: $32,439

Safari Condo Alto

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (26)

The Safari Condo Alto is one of the more unique small teardrop trailers. What makes it so different is the retractable roof system.

Essentially the roof expands upward to add interior height. You can easily go from 83.5 inches to 101 inches when the roof is open. It’s a great classic teardrop camper-looking design.

You can almost consider it a pop-up camper since the top actually pops up to increase interior headroom and space. Deinfitlet one to consider if planning any off-road expeditions.

The roof and walls are made of a plastic honeycomb core that is laminated with aluminum on one side and Alufiber on the other side.

Alufiber combines aluminum and fiberglass to create a durable lightweight material.

One interesting thing to note about the Safari Condo Alto is that they have intentionally used materials that water has little to no effect on. This camper mainly uses aluminum, Alufiber, plastic, Formica, and glass in its construction.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (27)

When it comes to storage space it has just enough for most folks and quite a bit more than a typical teardrop camper.

With a length of 17′ and a GVWR of 2,700 lbs, you’ll find it easy to tow this small camper with a small truck or full-size SUV.

Starting Price: $28,500

Polydrops P17 Essential

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (28)

At only 13’7″ the Polydrops P17A1 Electric is one of the shortest campers on our list. It has only 4 feet of interior height but it doesn’t seem small or cramped inside. This is due to gullwing doors which make getting in and out of the P17A1 quite easy.

Perhaps the best feature though, is that this is one of the few all-electric towable campers currently on the market. Equipped with 4.8kWh LiFePO4 battery and 260W solar panel as standard.

  • Up to 520W solar panel automatically recharges the battery
  • The base 260W solar panel can be upgraded to 520W
  • Victron Energy inverter charger system along with solar charge controller
  • A 110V inlet provides backup for charging when there is no sunlight

The dry weight of the P17 is a mere 820 pounds. This makes it easily towable by just about any vehicle, electric or not.

Available options include a roof rack, awning, skylight, and a solar panel.

Starting Price: $30,590

Best Retro Micro Camper

Riverside RV Retro 135

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (29)

Tammy and I were heading to Lake Texoma when we decided to stop at Treasure Valley Casino. Out front, they had this cool-looking unit from Riverside RV. We managed to peek inside and immediately fell in love.

For a small camper, it has quite a bit. This little beauty has a queen-sized bed, a dry bath (toilet and separate shower), a cooktop and sink, a refrigerator, and a sofa.

It also managed to fit in a microwave and outside shower. Storage space is limited on this camper but still very useable.

The interior has a retro wood paneling design. To maximize space it has a rear hatch or door.

The RT 135 has a dry weight of just 2,540 pounds. It has a Cargo Carrying Weight of 1,170 pounds.

Starting Price: About $31,00

Best Small Off-Road Camper

Boony Stomper By Sunnyside Offroad

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (30)

When it comes to a small camper you can tow, even with a side-by-side, the Boony Stomper leads the packs. The Boony Stomper is manufactured by Sunnyside Offroad in Reno, NV.

The camper is only 11″ in length and that includes the trailer tongue and rear bumper. At its widest point it is 68″. it weighs in at 600 lbs. and will increase depending on any options your choose.

The interior has finished walls, linoleum floors, and carpeted walls and headboard. The suspension is custom fabricated with independent trailing arms. It will give you a smooth ride even at high speeds.

Starting Price: $10,500

Best Small Camping Trailers Final Thoughts

Choosing the best small camping trailer for your outdoor adventures is an exciting process. By considering factors such as size, layout, budget, and quality, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect trailer that meets your needs.

For Tammy and me, our preference would be the Jayco Jay Feather Micro or the great-looking Riverside RV 135. Both are very capable and lightweight.

Whether you opt for the rugged TOPO2, the iconic Scamp, or the the innovative Safari Condo Alto, these small camping trailers are bound to elevate your camping experience and create cherished memories. So, get ready to hit the road and embrace the freedom and flexibility that come with owning a small camping trailer. One of these small trailers for camping with a small car is perfect for you.

All Trailer Manufacturer prices are current as of 12/22.

12 Best Small Trailers For Camping (with Prices) (2024)
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